For research master’s programs (M.A. or M.S.) in the School of Arts and Sciences, submatriculants obtain both the bachelor’s and the master's degree simultaneously, with the master’s level work continuous with the undergraduate major, which it extends and intensifies. Students are encouraged to apply for submatriculation during the fall semester of the junior year. Generally, students will not be admitted to the submatriculation program after the end of the seventh semester. Please note: ONLY CURRENT PENN UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS CAN APPLY FOR SUBMATRICULATION.
Here are the steps for applying for your submatriculation:

  1. Email your College Contact (listed on Path@Penn) to schedule a preliminary discussion, including a review of how the proposed submatriculation program fits into your undergraduate curriculum. The College submatriculation form will also be discussed.
  2. Contact Knakiya Hagans in the Criminology department to make her aware of your intent to apply.
  3. See the undergraduate chair of your undergraduate major department (if the proposed graduate courses are to be used for the major) to obtain approval to proceed.
  4. Once proper approval has been obtained, students should then complete the official submatriculation application for admissions. The College submatriculation form is required as apart of the application.

**Please note: Be sure to choose submatriculation application rather than the Masters of Science application when going to apply. Applications will require two letters of recommendation and a personal statement. GRE scores will be waived for submatriculation applicants only.**