J. Francis Finnegan Memorial Prize

In April 1957, the Crime Prevention Association of Philadelphia donated a gift to Penn to memorialize J. Francis Finnegan, a leader in Philadelphia crime prevention in the 1940s and 1950s. Each year, this prize is awarded at graduation in recognition of the best senior thesis submitted by a criminology major.
The only way to be considered for the J. Francis Finnegan Memorial Prize students must register and complete an honors thesis in Criminology. The due date for submission will be announced in February.

2024    Regina Chau - Does Legalization of Prostitution Affect the Number of Reported Rapes in Nevada?

2023    Theodora Athanitis - Evaluating the Causal Impact of the Period of PURPLE Crying Program on Number of SBS/AHT Cases, Convictions, and Plea Bargains

2022    Sydney Shintani - The Impacts of Bail Reform on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Bail Outcomes; Evidence from Cook County

2021    Sabrina de Brito - Examining the Success of California's Proposition 47: What is the Effect of Reinvesting Incarceration Resources Into Treatment Services on Treatment Utilization, Arrest Rates, and Jail Population Numbers

2020    Maria Francesca Arruda de Amaral - Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Spillover Effects of the Pacifying Police Units (UPPS) in Baixada Fluminense

            Alex BardeyThe Effect of Localized LED Streetlight Replacements on Adjacent Crime and Car Crashes: Evidence from Philadelphia

2019    Jillian Reeves - Beyond the Screen: Does Law & Order: SVU Increase Sex Crime Reporting?

2018    Alison Thompson - A retrospective study on the effect of police de-escalation training on officer use of force and safety

2017    Ruth Grossman - Did the 2010 OxyContin reformulation raise Philadelphia's heroin-related mortality rates more than the national average?

2016    Tilyn Nicole Bell - An evaluation of King County, WA's Buyer Beware Program: An assessment of the implementation and effects of a pilot prostitution policy

2015    Hannah Danielle Krinsky - Nutrients and delinquents: The effects of banning junk foods in American schools on violent juvenile conduct

2014    Emily Anne Leven - Transit police in the neighborhood: The effects of a SEPTA police initiative on crime

2013    Olivia Choy - Heart rate as a mediator of the social adversity-antisocial behavior relationship

2012    Corey Conyers - An investigation into the crime reduction effects of CCTV cameras in Lancaster, PA

2011    Zach Sommers – The effects of demographic factors on sentencing and probation outcomes

2010    Jill Portnoy – The second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) and its relation to crime, aggression and psychopathic personality