J. Francis Finnegan Memorial Prize

In April 1957, the Crime Prevention Association of Philadelphia donated a gift to Penn to memorialize J. Francis Finnegan, a leader in Philadelphia crime prevention in the 1940's and 1950's. Each year, this prize is awarded at graduation in recognition of the best senior thesis submitted by a criminology major.

In order to be considered for the prize, the student must submit their honors thesis by April 1.


2019    Jillian Reeves - Beyond the Screen: Does Law & Order: SVU Increase Sex Crime Reporting?

2018    Alison Thompson - A retrospective study on the effect of police de-escalation training on officer use of force and safety

2017    Ruth Grossman - Did the 2010 OxyContin reformulation raise Philadelphia's heroin-related mortality rates more than the national average?

2016    Tilyn Nicole Bell - An evaluation of King County, WA's Buyer Beware Program: An assessment of the implementation and effects of a pilot prostitution policy

2015    Hannah Danielle Krinsky - Nutrients and delinquents: The effects of banning junk foods in American schools on violent juvenile conduct

2014    Emily Anne Leven - Transit police in the neighborhood: The effects of a SEPTA police initiative on crime

2013    Olivia Choy - Heart rate as a mediator of the social adversity-antisocial behavior relationship 

2012    Corey Conyers - An investigation into the crime reduction effects of CCTV cameras in Lancaster, PA

2011    Zach Sommers – The effects of demographic factors on sentencing and probation outcomes

2010    Jill Portnoy – The second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) and its relation to crime, aggression and psychopathic personality