Student Resources

Marks Family Writing Center
The Marks Family Writing Center provides individual writing guidance and feedback to students. Whatever your writing need—from simply having a fresh pair of eyes to puzzling out why a professor didn't like your work—their specialists are ready to help.
Weingarten Learning Resources
Learning Resources offers opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to build and strengthen their study skills and strategies as they engage with Penn coursework and a variety of academic projects.
Tutoring Center
The Penn Tutoring Center offers tutoring, workshops, and course review sessions.
Communication Within the Curriculum is Penn’s public speaking tutoring program. CWiC offers coaching and programs to improve public speaking.
Career Services
Career services provides resources on careers and admission to graduate and professional schools.
The College Alumni Mentoring Series engages students and alumni in mentoring relationships to help students determine how their current academic paths coincide with career aspirations. 
Career Assessments
Career assessments helps students learn strategies for making sound choices in their career path.
Transportation & Parking
There are numerous convenient and sustainable ways to travel to, from, and around the Penn campus. 
Student Registration & Financial Services
Path@Penn is your main hub for information about your academic records, financial aid, and student profile. 
Student Support Resources
Path@Penn provides access to the academic and financial information students need to succeed, as well as the tools they will use to register for classes. As of June 21, 2022, Path@Penn has replaced Penn InTouch for all student registration and academic planning activities as part of the implementation of Pennant, the new student information system at Penn. Path training video.
Student Services
Information about all aspects of student life, from housing, health, and wellness to student organizations and employment.