Aida Escobar

Master of Science in Criminology

My name is Aida Kimberly Escobar. I was born and raised in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights in the city of Los Angeles, California. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Criminology at Penn in 2016. After graduation, I returned to LA to work as a behavioral specialist at Uplift Family Services helping children and their families recover from traumaabuse, addiction, and poverty. I am excited to return to Penn’s Criminology program to gain experience using crime analysis tools, further knowledge of theory, and ultimately become a better researcher incorporating both quantitative and qualitative aspects in my own work. After graduating from the program, I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in Criminology, either in Philadelphia or Los Angeles, to continue conducting research in my areas of interest including street gang dynamics, gang desistance, childhood exposure to crime and violence, and cultural influence on crime.