Penn scholar weighs in on Fisher v. University of Texas in the U.S. Supreme Court

Richard Berk, along with Guido Imbens (Stanford), Donald Rubin (Harvard), Gary King (Harvard), Ian Ayres (Yale), John Donohue (Stanford), and Daniel Ho (Stanford), is one of the ``empirical scholars’’ who authored an amicus brief in Fisher v. University of Texas in which the U.S. Supreme Court is once again considering affirmative action in college and professional school admissions

“Amici curiae are leaders in the field of quantitative social science and statistical methodology.  They file this brief in order to point out to the Court the substantial methodological flaws in the research discussed in the Brief Amicus Curiae for Richard Sander in Support of Neither Party.  Based on over 274 collective years of social-science research experience, amici have concluded that the research on which that brief relies, Professor Sander’s “mismatch” hypothesis, is unreliable, failing basic tenets of research design.’'