Penn Arts & Sciences Names Ruth Moyer a 2020 Dean's Scholar

Penn Arts & Sciences has named Ruth Moyer as one of the 2020 Dean’s Scholars. This honor is presented annually to students who exhibit exceptional academic performance and intellectual promise.
Ruth Moyer came to Penn after practicing as a criminal defense attorney for six years. She is now a social scientist and criminologist who uses quantitative methods to examine the impact of changes to the urban community on crime. A recipient of an Urban Studies fellowship at Penn, Ruth has studied the effects of opioid treatment centers on county-level crime, as well as how remediating blighted vacant lots correlates with a decrease in shooting incidents. Ruth’s work also examines the effect of high-profile policing incidents on community-police relations. An accomplished writer and instructor, Ruth been widely published and has taught two of the Criminology department’s introductory courses on criminal justice.
Congrats, Ruth! We are proud of you.