Emily Owens

Associate Professor of Criminology, Business Economics, and Public Policy
Undergraduate Chair

Professor Owens studies a wide range of topics in the economics of crime, including policing, sentencing, and the impact of local public policies on criminal behavior.

CV (file): 

Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland, 2007

M.A., Economics, University of Maryland, 2005

B.S., Applied Math and Economics, Brown University, 2002

Research Interests: 

Professor Owens focuses primarily on the effect of government regulations on crime. This includes studying how government policies affect the prevalence of criminal activity as well as the structure and response of the criminal justice system.

Professor Owens is currently engaged in an NIJ-funded field experiment evaluating a police training program, along with ongoing research projects on alcohol regulation, immigration policy, and economic development programs.

Selected Publications: 

“Framing Punishment: Incarceration, Recommended Sentences, and Recidivism” (with Shawn Bushway) Journal of Law and Economics, 2013, 56(forthcoming).

“Immigration and Informal Labor” (with Sarah Bohn) Industrial Relations, 2012, 51(4) 845-837.

“Sentencing Guidelines and Judicial Discretion” (with Shawn Bushway and Anne Piehl), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 2012, 9(2) 291-319.

“Truthiness-in-Punishment: The Far Reach of Truth in Sentencing Laws,” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies: Judgment by the Numbers - Converting Qualitative to Quantitative Judgments in Law, 2011, 8(S1) 239-261.

“Low Income Housing and Crime” (with Matthew Freedman), Journal of Urban Economics, 2011, 70(2-3) 115-131.

“Are Underground Markets Really More Violent? Evidence from Early 20th Century America,” American Law and Economics Review, 2011, 13(1) 1–44.

“One for the Road: Public Transportation, Alcohol Consumption, and Intoxicated Driving” (with C. Kirabo Jackson), Journal of Public Economics, 2010, 52(1) 106-121.

“More Time, Less Crime? Estimating the Incapacitative Effect of Sentence Enhancements,” Journal of Law and Economics, 2009, 52(3) 551-579.

“COPS and Crime” (with William N. Evans), Journal of Public Economics, 2007, 91(1-2):181-201.